About Our Dog Socks

Love and desperation is the Mother of this invention!
When our big and independent Golden, Otis, turned 11, we noticed he was having a problem controlling his back legs. They would give out on him when walking over linoleum, standing too long or getting up from a sitting or sleeping position. When it first started, he’d try, try again until his legs obeyed him—looking like Bambi on ice and not wanting any help from us. Later, he’d let us help him by lifting his back end up to get his legs under him, throwing rugs around, putting steps by the bed. The sweetest thing about our boy was his disposition. Despite his troubles, he stayed happy and he never gave up. So we didn’t either. We talked to our vets, searched the internet and racked our brains for a way to restore his quality of life.

The result is the invention of our dog socks,
named after him:
Naked Socks™ by Otis

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Naked Socks by Otis

Our dog socks are beefy, like our Otis. With indoor use in mind, they are designed to provide grip beyond just their toes and snug support up their legs. The wide 360° grip coverage in a happy dog bone pattern allows for the sock to twist and still make instant contact with the floor. The tall snug cuff provides ankle support and confidence. We include a secure tie to wrap mid-way on the cuff, if needed. These are the perfect dog socks for hardwood floors! Our grip socks for dogs are both durable and comfortable, your dog won’t mind they’re on and will love wearing them!

  • Enhance Stability
  • Returns Mobility
  • Post-op Agility
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Dog Socks Testimonials

“Socks have really helped Cody to get up off the hardwood floors. He acts like a puppy when he’s walking across the floors that terrorized him for the past few years. They’re a little tight to get the cuff on but once it’s started the socks slides right up the leg. Thank you.”

“Hi!! Kayla walking around with her new wheels!! Thanks again…”

Kelly B.

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