The Best Non-Slip Dog Socks

Why Choose Naked Socks?

About Naked Socks

Naked Socks by Otis
  • Your healthy dog has suddenly become fearful of walking on un-carpeted floors. When worn on rear legs, Naked Socks™ will enhance stability.
  • Your senior dog has symptoms of arthritis, hip dysplasia or a degenerative nerve disorder and needs help keeping their hind legs under them, Naked Socks™ will return mobility.
  • Your dog has recently had surgery on their front or rear paws and is unable to put their full weight on all 4 paws, Naked Socks™ will provide post-op agility.

Each pair of dog socks is made from a durable cotton polyester blend allowing for a snug and secure fit around the dog’s foot and up their legs. Grippers in a happy dog bone pattern allow for instant contact  with floors, and provide 360 degree grip coverage so even when your dog is moving around, the sock can twist and remain in contact with slippery surfaces. A secure wrap tie is included. Our non slip dog socks are easy to care for. Simply machine wash and dry, removing the secure ties before washing. Naked Socks™ by Otis are proudly made in the U.S.A.

It’s simple!

  • Recognize Need

    The wide 360° grip coverage in a happy dog bone pattern allows for the sock to twist and still make instant contact with the floor.

  • How to Measure

    With dog standing, trace paw on paper and measure width in inches. Depending on use, front and back paws should be measured separately because they may be different sizes.

  • Order

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    Naked Socks™ by Otis are grey with a secure tie available in five different colors!

Useful Info

  • As Post-Op Protection
    against excessive scratching of incisions or stiches

  • On All 4 Paws
    in between grooming appointments until nails can be trimmed and slippery feet cleaned up

  • On Rear Paws
    when dog is hesitant to step off, or struggling on slippery surfaces

  • To Protect
    from scratching wooden floors, furniture or car interiors

  • In Wound Care
    put on paw after applying ointment

  • Machine wash and dry
    remove secure ties before washing