Dog Socks Testimonials

We know your canine friend is going to love our dog socks. Naked Socks by Otis is proud to have so many satisfied customers and we love helping dogs get their mobility back. Love our socks? Let us know and we’ll post your dog socks testimonial

11Hanson, our 9 year-old rescued golden retriever, really loves his socks. We recently completed building our retirement log home with beautiful hickory floors. Hanson loves to chase tennis balls in the house but was sliding all over the place on the hardwood floors. We didn’t want him to get injured so these socks were the perfect solution for his stability. I’m sending several pictures for your website. Just wanted you to know how great these socks are.

Dotti E.
9Thanks a million, Brubeck is much more confident on the tile and wood floors!

Cher B.
11This is Nate. He loves his socks and is getting around the house like a pup!He’s getting more traction on floors and really likes them!

9Here is a picture of Buddy H…..Carrie’s 11 year old GRIN golden modeling his new Naked Socks by Otis.

Cindy S.
11Sandy is wearing her sock to protect her arm after she had to have her dewclaw removed. The dog sock is keeping her from fussing with her incision.

Jeannie B.
10My girl is cruising around the house now and standing longer.. Thank You

Cindy Z.
9GRIN golden Buddy…..wearing his “Naked Socks”….. Per Carrie….they are a blessing……Buddy is snoring away in this picture.

Carrie H.
8Everyone meet DiZney. He is enjoying his Naked Socks, they are allowing him to get up off his hard wood floors much easier. I like his blue turtle friend hanging around his neck.
DiZney in Naked Socks by Otis

7Simply a miracle. Blizzard now walks with confidence and ease. He is 13+ and extremely arthritic due to an autoimmune disorder. Thank you much for helping Blizz.  I will send video soon.  May I post your website on my Facebook page?

Anna C.

Hello, Nancy and Happy New Year!

We have used the dog socks numerous times on Matteo. He’s crawling around all over the house, and the socks I think give him more confidence to actually try to push up and ‘furniture walk’. He’s a few months away from actually self-walking, but the socks seem to be a huge confidence aid (especially on our wooden floors). The only comment (and I know that your socks are designed for dogs J), is that they have a comfortable heel for keeping them on Matteo without rubbing his instep. Other than that, great first impression

Hi Greta,
Just wanted to let you know I had referred this site to a friend who has a 12 yo very over weight lab who has a hard time getting up and walking on hardwood floors, Kelly got these dog socks and Maddie loves them she now can getup and down easier and seems to be more steady on her feet.
Thanks for the reference.
6Oden is not very tolerant of things on his feet but he accepted these quickly and moved comfortably in them.  And while I know they were not designed for him to go outside in, I have left them on his feet on occasion for outside activity.  I could see having a couple pairs to changed them out and wash the wet ones.  They are snug to get on but worth the effort since they stayed on without issue.

Dr. Jo DVM
Here is Rudy, He is a petite long-legged mini poodle weighing in at 8 lbs. Rudy’s knees and back are so bad that he tends to drag his back paws. Rudy saw our recent video and asked if we had a pair of socks for him. Who could deny that face, so out came the sewing machine and we are pleased to say a very tiny pair of dog socks are on there way to Rudy’s home today. We look forward to hearing that they fit and getting a picture of him zooming around the house real soon.
This is Rudy in his new socks – just in time for his 16th birthday this month! Joe was kind enough to customize a pair of socks for Rudy’s tiny paws and Rudy couldn’t be happier. He feels very secure and confident when wearing them and willingly puts them on. Thank you Joe. Your service was fantastic and the product was as promised.
Here is the link to the video of Rudy stepping it off in his new socks

Dr. Karen K. ordered some of the dog socks from you, including a pair for my girl Elley.  She is 10 1/2 years old and currently in mid stages of degenerative myelopathy, so still mobile, but unsteady and knuckling/dragging rear feet.   She does so much better with her socks when she’s on slippery floors, she is much more steady and falls less when she wears them.  Thanks for making this great product!

Jennifer R., DVM
Hey Joe ,
Have been using them and so far doing well. I have a lot of carpet and rugs around, so not a true evaluation. My associate who’s boxer has a Rear end neuro disease has been using them and she is very pleased. I saw her dog at the office with her booties and she had better traction. Thanks Karen

Karen K. DVM
4Here is Cricket Joe and Nancy, after a workout of her Naked Socks!! Notice she doesn’t have the ties on yet. We tried them on for fit and off she took!! She ran around the house with no problems. It was hysterical!! They did rotate a small amount, but she was giving them the rundown!! Check it!!! She then went to sleep with them on, since it it the coldest night of the year so far!!! Excellent product. Well made. Love them!!!

Dawn L.
This is a video on naked Socks by Otis Facebook page

Echo the Golden in the video has a neurological issue with his back legs. His owner says our dog socks have returned his Stability and Mobility. The other neat thing the video shows is our socks don’t come off.

Christy T.

2Another happy Customer, Jack the Great Pyrenees in Missouri!! Live well our new friend.

We got socks for our arthritic Great Pyrenees, Jack. I had my doubts these would work, but they are TERRIFIC! He walks with no more slipping and he stands taller! I guess I can put some of the rugs away we had for him to walk on wood floors! Thank you Dog Socks! Jack says Woof!


Susan W.
This is Zac. He belongs to a Peggy Baluch a great friend of ours. Zac will be 14 tomorrow. Zac has been having trouble getting around lately so for his birthday he got a pair of Naked Socks by Otis. Peggy reports that Zac started walking around almost instantly. Happy Birthday Zac, enjoy your ice-cream tomorrow!!
These socks are awesome! Zac got a pair for his birthday; he will be 14 tomorrow. Having trouble getting up sliding. Put the socks on and he is all over walking and getting up much easier. Go to the website and check them out. They are Naked socks by Otis. www.

Peggy B.
It’s not if, but when we’re going to need this. I’m ordering a pair now to keep in my first-aid kit so we’re ready.
Tanner110413Tanner is doing well with his dog socks. I’ve washed them a few times and they are holding up well. I did not however put them in the dryer.
These are kind of dark. I’ll try to get some more outside tomorrow.
Hope you are doing well.

Wanted to let you know Tanner is doing GREAT with his socks.  They really seem to help him on the wood and ceramic floors.  Getting up and just standing in general.
Just wanted to let you know the booties are STILL working out well.  He continues to leave them alone although sometimes Manny snatches one off his feet!
I don’t have to use the straps as they fit snug and stay up.  I had to stretch the neck of the sock to get it over his big feet.  If the neck was big enough to easily slip over his foot I am guessing they would not stay up and you would have to use the straps.
He is not bothered by them at all.  When I first put them on he was being playful and barked at me but he doesn’t even seem to notice them.
Lisa W.
kbSocks have really helped Cody to get up off the hardwood floors. He acts like a puppy when he’s walking across the floors that terrorized him for the past few years. They’re a little tight to get the cuff on but once it’s started the socks slides right up the leg. Thank you.

Hi!!  Kayla walking around with her new wheels!!
Thanks again…

Kelly B.